Pretending Autumn

Fall in Phoenix feels like a giant game of make believe.

The first year we lived here, I nearly missed fall altogether (mentally, that is).  Since shorts, flip-flops and pool days extend well into October, we sort of continued with the summer vibe (which doesn’t make me sad, by the way!), until my kids began to ask about the missing season.  In October, I finally pulled out our fall decor, we made pumpkin bread, lit some autumn-scented candles, and pretended!

Recently, a friend who lives in California commented, on Instagram, that California girls go all pumpkin spice when the weather gets down in the 70s.  I commented back that Arizona girls settle for overnight lows in the 70s!

Though I can tap into childhood wonder and make believe with the best of them when I’m with a group of kids (such as the cuties we teach at church!), I still can’t quite trick my brain into going full-on fall when temps are triple digits.  So I announced my new fall roll-out parameters to the kids…we’ll pretend with leaves and apples in September, and then we can add pumpkins and acorns in October.  Oh and when overnight lows drop into the 70s, bring on the pumpkin bread (recipe to come)!