Look What I Found!

Heads up:  This post contains affiliate links, which means I’m compensated if you click on one of the product links, and end up making a purchase.

Here are a few things I went looking for and found this week…

The engraved metal dog tag that we had made for Snickers when he was a puppy (puppy shopping was so much fun!) has gotten so scratched from rubbing against his dog license tag that you can barely read the phone number.

Not that we ever intend to let our precious pup out of our sight, but if he ever did get out, we want someone to be able to read the number, for heaven’s sake!

I found these cute little tags.  I think we’ll go with the round one, since he’s just a li’l guy.


My nephew, Donnie (I hear he goes by “Don” now.  Something about being a grown man with a family of his own…whatever Donnie!), has the cutest little peanut baby girl named Audrey, and she’s about to turn 1!

I did a little baby-girl clothes browsing, and found this cutsey-wootsy little trench coat.

If you’ve got a little girl in your life (up to size 5T), you should order one of these up on the double (great price too!).

And this may be my favorite!  Again, found this while shopping for Audrey.

We have this devotional and all three of our kiddos loved it (I’m keeping our copy to read to our someday grandkids…you know in 50 years or something like that).

Each day’s reading has a main truth point, an accompanying Bible verse and a prayer to pray.  The same adorable characters show up throughout the year, in illustrations by Elena Kucharik (Care Bears illustrator).

The little one in your life will love it too!

So, that’s it!  Some early Christmas gift ideas for the dog and littles in your life.  You’re welcome!