Hi, I’m Lori Young, and my handsome husband and I are raising our fam in Phoenix, Arizona.  We have three kiddos who we’re head-over-heels for, and who keep us YOUNG!

I love sunshine, reading, tea, the beach, cooking, writing, working out, curling up to watch TV/movies, spending time with friends, our dog Snickers (and the candy bar by the same name!), cute outfits, learning, pretty houses, date nights, vacations, being a mom, being a wife, my kids, my husband, and Jesus (not in that order).

I am an unapologetic dreamer who believes anything is possible, and I’m also passionate about the hopes and dreams of others. Who knows what manner of stunning great good is hidden in those dreams!  I love that God made us, and packed us full of treasure and potential, and I want all of mine to be unpacked, assembled and enjoyed.  Yours too – because you’re more amazing than you realize, and your role in this epic tale is crucial!  I blog about life at Casa Young (Spanish for the “Young House”), my interests, and whatever has inspired or helped me lately.  My hope is that something I share here will inspire, help or entertain you (if nothing else, my mom can see what we’ve been up to.  Hi Mom!).